Easygoing bar/lounge in or near Caesar's Palace that's open at 5 pm?
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I'm stupid at wedding planning. I have a 2 hour gap between my lunch/dinner and a show I'm taking my guests to (both at Caesar's Palace in Vegas). Is there a really nice easygoing bar/lounge that's open at 5 pm in Caesar's or near Caesar's that you recommend for people to digest, chat, etc? It would be nice if they had some not too loud live music, too. Thanks!
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I would assume that people who have been at a wedding ceremony and a lunch/dinner all day would need at least an hour or two to nap/shower/change. You might want to make a list of suggestions, but I would refrain from structuring anything. It's Vegas, your guests will have a good time.
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I remember sitting and relaxing in a bar at Caesar's Palace that had some gigantic fish tanks. It was exactly what our group needed for a breather, and it was pretty empty when we went there. No live music, though, as it was off to the side of the casino floor.
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Ah yes, it was the Seahorse Lounge!
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I have spent a delightful hour at the Seahorse Lounge. If you choose it, see if you can reserve tables; otherwise, you may have trouble cobbling enough seating together. Also, the Seahorse isn't very big, so it may not be a great choice if you've got more than, say 15 people (and you want them all to have seats).
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Also, this is actually fairly typical for weddings (timing just doesn't always work out with multiple venues). Roomthreeseventeen is right that guests may like this opportunity to go change or freshen up. It's nice, though, to provide some options -- and if you won't be at the bar/lounge, let them know that, too, as that may affect some people's decision/planning. (Like, if you were going to be there, they might go to have the chance to hang with you, but if not, might welcome the opportunity to catch a nap or check email or whatever.)
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