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I feel like I'm looking in the proverbial haystack for the long-lost needle. More specifically, I am looking for long standing/respectable accredited online colleges where I could finish my BSW. No, I'm not looking for things like Everest Online or ITT Tech. Advice/experience appreciated, and of course, snowflake deets inside.

I've found a permanent, full time job I actually enjoy. I also am in the midst of finding somewhere to transfer to finish my bachelor's degree in social work and I have nothing left I can take through my local community college. There is a great college in my town that is well known, but it is also expensive and does not care about students that also have full time jobs and does not offer online courses (or courses past 5 PM for that matter). I've been searching through the muck that is Google search and I've never found anything other than college scams.

That said, has anyone been in any good online programs for social work? I'm looking for things sort of like the University of Cincinnati offers, but for general social work as opposed to something concentrated in addictions counseling or the like. Suggestions? Experience? Anything welcome....

And please, do not say "Everest Online" or "ITT Tech". Those are not real schools from my experience and do not accept transfer credits (nor do their credits transfer). Thank you!
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My husband got his bachelor's recently from SUNY's online college (State University of New York Empire College). He started when we lived in NY state and finished completely remotely from another state. I don't know if they will have the degree you are looking for, but I know that they had a fairly well-rounded set of curriculums (like a regular bricks and mortar school, or like the rest of SUNY's campuses) and they are a legitimate university. And they were willing to accept a lot of transfer credits so that he didn't have to repeat math and foreign language courses that he had already taken. His degree doesn't have the clout of some schools but it has been legit enough for him to get a job in his field.
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Two "traditional" colleges with long-standing programs (many of which predate the internet) and are very well respected are Penn State and Kansas State. Both have served thousands of students like yourself.
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I am pretty sure that both Trident University International and Clackamas are accredited and offer "real" degrees.
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Excelsior College in New York. They took all of my transfer credit, and is accredited. They are online-only, but have a nice set of degrees offered. The library is VERY robust, and the faculty is very responsive and willing to work around schedules. About 1/2 the students are military, so consider they have to deal with field time, deployments, etc...
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The University of California has an extension program, and depending on the campus, offers online programs that may be related to your field. It would help if you gave us more detail about what sorts of social work you're looking for. Also, are you interested in a full certification or degree, or will related classes suffice?
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I believe USC has an online bSW program-I've been talking to them a bit about their MSW program, and it's well-regarded. Not cheap, but a good school.
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I finally got my Bachelors from Thomas Edison State College online. They worked with me in a great way, and it's legit. Not too spendy, especially compared to Concordia or other onlines.
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If your goal is to be licensed as a social worker, you need to look at programs that are accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. Here is their list of online programs. I would assume that any program not on that list could be a waste of money because you might not be able to get licensed.

If you are more interested in sociology in general, there are other places to look. For instance, University of Maryland University College, a well-regarded, accredited program, has this BS in Social Science; but I doubt it would meet your needs if your goal is to be a social worker.
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I can't speak to your specific major, but I've been going to Arizona State online for about 3.5 years. I know ASU isn't the best school, but it's a step up from the Phoenix/ITT/etc schools (I think). No problem transferring my credits over from two previous colleges.

A co-worker is doing a Bachelor's program online at Colorado State.
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check out the forums at degree info. It can be a clearinghouse of online info.

I am not sure where you live but around here (British Columbia) the University of Victoria has an online BSW program that is well regarded.

If the east coast is more suitable Dalhousie's School of Social has a full online option
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