What are not-hideous clothes for a man to quickly wear to walk a dog?
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Stylefilter! I love my new puppy. I love my boyfriend. I love that my boyfriend loves waking up early and taking the puppy outside. However, he doesn't love getting fully dressed at 6 am in his normal clothes, and I don't love things like track suits and crocs. Help!

Basically looking for suggestions of slip on shoes, and easy-to-wear pants that are not completely hideous. I am looking to avoid grubby sweat pants, flip flops, Man uggs, and matching track suits. What would the Modern Man of Style don for a quick stroll/pee break with a handsome little pup?
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Has your boyfriend outrightly expressed an interest in different attire? If not, I think you might want to reconsider dressing him up like he's some kind of pet himself. Why does it really matter what he wears to walk the dog? If your immediate answer is something along the lines of "because it pleases me", think hard about whether this is a matter you really want to press.
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I think the easiest way to find shoes is to hit Zappos and search boat shoes. In terms of pants, I've definitely seen nicer sweatpants out there - more tailored, which sounds like you'd like it. Alternatively, find a pair of regular pants that don't need a belt for him and keep them ready for dog walking.

If possible: cute puppy pictures, please.
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Flannel or cotton pajama bottoms and slip on tennis shoes.
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Thanks for the concern These Birds of a Feather — but it's all good! He expressed frustration with this and regularly seeks my style advice on everyday clothes for work, etc., as well. For example, he has Crocs (because he couldn't think of anything else), and also hates them too (okay, love-hates them), but doesn't know what else to get...

Oh, and! The clothes aren't JUST for 6am. They need to be easy/comfy enough for 6am but probably also used any other time he needs to throw something on for a dog-walk. 2pm on a weekend. 11pm on a weeknight — and we live in a big city with tons of street traffic at all hours.
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[Folks, answer the question or move on. Thanks. ]
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He's walking a dog, the dog will walk/go out when it rains, when it's dry, when it's muddy, etc, etc.... The dog is going to shake, jump, kick up water and mud... You're searching for comfortable, easy to throw on, and OK to get a bit dirty..

I wear a pair of jeans and shoes appropriate for the weather, sneakers when it's dry, ankle high hiking shoes when it's wet/muddy. T-shirt in hot weather, sweatshirt/flannel when it's cool, appropriate coat when it's 4 degrees outside.

Make this about easy, he'll be doing this for a lot of years (hopefully), don't turn it into a fashion thiing it will get old fast.
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Cargo pants, slip on Vans, a tshirt of whatever kind and a hoodie.
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Fleece pants look like pants but are snuggly. These things are technically slippers but you can go outside in them and they have a non-slipper profile or some cheaper version of these Merrell shoes. And then top it off with some ratty-tshirt (sorry, but anything that doesn't show gets to be whatever he wore to sleep in) and then put a stylish windbreaker, fleece pullover or fleece vest of some sort up top.
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Boat shoes, soft worn in jeans that don't require a belt (but for the 6am ones I would wear sweatpants, people understand) and a tshirt and hoodie is weather necessitates.
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I wear these Haflinger felt clogs as slippers, but they've got a sole that's sturdy enough to wear outside (which I do on occasion). They're comfortable and easy to slip on, and they provide good support.

I also have two of these chamois-cloth shirts that I wear around the house/yard all the time. I think they might be the most comfortable shirts I've ever owned.
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I'd go with track pants, a good quality hoodie and pull on boots e.g. Blundstones. You need versatile, easy on/off, warm/dry, socially acceptable and able to be layered for climate. No one looks even one time at a person walking a dog in track pants and a hoodie. If I was casing neighbourhoods, in fact, I'd rent a dog just so I could walk around in that outfit.
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In New York City the unofficial dog-walking uniform seems to be presentable looking track pants with gym shoes or boat shoes -- or thrown-on untied winter boots if it's frigid out -- as well as a t-shirt and usually some kind of simple casual jacket/hoodie/what have you.

And New York is the most formally dressed city in the US, so if that's not "presentable" enough, you should maybe relax your presentableness standards a touch.
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Slip on loafers, khakis, polo shirt, fleece.
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If I was putting together a money-no-object easy to look after dog walking outfit that combined practicality and, if not style exactly, then something much closer to it than most outdoorwear:

Fitted wind/rain resistant cycling pants

Tretorn rain boots

Icebreaker t-shirt

Featherweight Barbour jacket

You would then probably look a bit like a Sci Fi English Countryman, but I consider that a good thing. Most of that gear is wipe-cleanable, hardwearing, quick to put on, no iron, etc.
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Getting rid of the crocs and upgrading to nice track pants will solve most of this problem. Or, consider flannel-lined jeans that are snuggly, but look like clothes.
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If you live somewhere especially clement, perhaps he'd like some fun slip-ons like this?
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I always wear older jeans that live on a hook near my bed, plus tshirt or hoodie, with loafers.
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Show your man these fleece-lined LLBean shoes. No socks needed, and all-weather!
You're absolutely correct to not want him out in sweatpants. The very word is
horrible. Instead, dig these American-made jeans that will give him, ermm, room to spread out.
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My fiance loves his slip-on Vans and I know they are his go-to shoes for dog walks. I think replacing the Crocs are really the key to this "problem."
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Ditto to many above. I came here to lobby for hiker style pants and jacket, lightweight waterproof. Top with a favorite tee in nice weather.
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Fleece pants are my favorite things ever, but be warned - anything fleece is like a pet hair magnet. So, choose colors wisely.
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I love Utilikilts but recogize they're not for all contexts.

For shoes, I have a number of pairs of Ecco Walker type shoes that are comfy, warm and easily slip on and off.
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Oh god, yes - anything BUT Crocs. Like, anything. Gym shoes, boat shoes, boots, whatever.

Track pants are fine, as long as they don't have a big bulky drawstring/aren't washed out or holey/aren't saggy in the butt or crotch. Basically, trackpants that fit well, in a neutral colour, less than a billion years old.

Also, not pyjama pants. I don't care what anyone else says or does, I will never believe that pyjama pants in public on either gender can look anything but tacksville.
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For similar situations my husband wears trackpants that are made of somewhat shiny water-resistant material rather than cotton knit and with a straight leg cut rather than the baggy-butt, tapered-ankle look of your traditional sweat pants. More like this although his are a bit less obviously shiny and have a soft material lining. They look surprisingly stylish and still look good after years of being dragged on and off over his other clothes. Plus they're warm, windproof, waterproof, and splash-wipe-off-able. I think the straight cut is really key, that's what makes them flattering rather than uglyfying like trackpants.

Boat shoes or slip ons like Vans are a good substitute for the Crocs, and will last longer and be more comfortable than wearing slippers outside.
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Is there a reason why jeans are out of the question? Because jeans don't take longer to put on than track pants or sweatpants, unless they're Williamsburg-skinny and take a lot of tugging. And if he's like most men in the western world, he's already got jeans in heavy rotation.

I'm not a dude, but I have pieces of clothing I prefer for the vagaries of dog walking in varying weather, including jeans, hoodies I wear to the gym, Dansko clogs or New Balance trainers, and a puffer coat.

I keep them all in easy-to-reach locations like a hook just inside my closet or on the hook next to the dog's leash. If your dude will have special dog-walking shoes or clothing items, keep them near the dog's stuff for maximum usability.
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Native makes shoes that are a bit like crocs, but have a better style profile.
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I bought my husband a jacket similar to this one. It's pretty much a hoodie but the layer makes it look a lot more structured and respectable.
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