Routledge: what should I buy?
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Help me book-shop! I have $150 credit with Routledge. What are your favorite books from their catalog? I'm in media/humanities but all recommendations welcome.
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Anything by Bertrand Russell.
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Languages. They have some good word frequency dictionaries.
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The Ethnomusicologists' Cookbook.
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Routledge has really good readers - do you have the "doorstop" Cultural Studies volume edited by Grossberg, Nelson, and Treichler? It's from the '90s but a total classic - so you probably already have it. Laurie Ouellette has just edited a new Media Studies reader that I've been drooling over. Mary Celeste Kearney's Gender and Media reader also looks pretty comprehensive. Forman and Neal's hip hop reader (in a new edition)? These will eat up a fair chunk of your budget but are nice treats you might not otherwise buy. Newman and Levine's Legitimating Television looks like a pretty interesting contribution to the rash of attention to prestige TV. They've also just reissued a bunch of Fiske's old stuff if that's of interest.

Happy shopping!
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Anyone in media/humanities ought to have a copy of Walter Ong's Orality and Literacy on their shelves. Mary Douglas's Rules and Meanings is also worth having. More generally, the Routledge Classics series is a useful shortcut to some of the key titles in Routledge's rather incoherent backlist.
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Along with the readers kickingthecrap mentions, their new Sound Studies reader is also really good.
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