Why is Gmail is routing some of my mail away from my inbox?
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Some of my mail is not ending up in my Inbox, and instead is only found in "All Mail". This includes emails from my wife, which is slightly problematic! I don't have any filters directing mail to other locations. The problem is occurring within the Gmail web app, and subsequently on my other devices too (Mail in OS X, Gmail app on iOS). Searching for a solution to the problem only results in specific client issues, or problems with Filtering. Can you help troubleshoot?
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Best answer: Is it being marked as read? The gmail interface has a link at the bottom that says if your account is being used in other locations. Does that show anyone else using your account? (or any other devices?)

Do you have any filters set up in Mail.app?
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I'm sure you've already seen this, but it might be worth checking your various devices to see if they archive gmail's copy when they pull mail.

Also, even if you can't find a solution, it might be worth setting up a filter to tag your wife's emails and mark them as unread. This might at least help you to spot them until you can figure out why they're skipping your inbox.
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Response by poster: I had two filters in Mail.app, seemingly not related to the misdirected emails, but I removed them anyway. It seems to have solved the issue! Thanks, mcav!

segfault, I had already tagged, flagged and every otherway identified my wife's emails so that I didn't miss any (again). Thanks.
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