Stylist recommendations for shorthaired women in DC?
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I need to find someone to cut my hair in DC. I’m a shorthaired and semi-androgynous hipster-lite lady in my late twenties.

I’ve been coordinating haircuts with trips back to Austin, but I will not be there again until the summer. Plus, I don’t actually live there anymore, so I should probably try to find someone closer to me to cut my hair. However, due to some atrocious haircuts (I’ve resembled both Justin Bieber AND Nick Carter), I am quite picky and would really like to get a solid recommendation.

I paid $80 before tip in Austin, so I assume I need to be prepared to pay $100 -$120 here. I am also more than willing to travel to Baltimore or New York (I have friends there and could turn my haircut into a weekend trip). It would be terrific to find someone metro accessible in DC (I’m close to Eastern Market and Union Station), but since I’m willing to travel to another city for someone spectacular, this is obviously not a deal breaker.

Lastly, on the off chance someone is familiar with him, my stylist in Austin was Blaine at Jose Luis and I would love to find someone similar. For those of you not familiar, he always has lots of ideas of what would work for me (right now my haircut is similar to this), is really easy to work with, and is also sort of a hipster. I have asked him for recommendations, but he has only cut hair in Austin, so he’s not familiar with stylists in other cities.

Thank y’all so much!
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Best answer: Eastern Confederate in Mt. Pleasant. I just moved from DC in August and I'm still getting my hair cut by Ryan.

It opened relatively recently, and within months we had our entire friend group going there. You won't be disappointed!
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Someone I know has been getting her haircut Jesse Rosario in Alexandria for nearly 20 years. He's obviously not a hipster himself, but he has definitely stayed up to date on current hair fashions and has the talent to make any haircut come out right.
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I go to Nikki at Bang Salon Verizon Center (she's the owner) - she keeps my hair looking perfectly happy making.
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Trim Salon in Adams Morgan is great for short cuts. The girl I used to see just left for another city, but I have heard/seen great things from Melissa and Jane . Really laid back nice atmosphere, not afraid to do things outside the DC norms. Only thing is that they do book up if you are trying to get an evening/weekend appointment, so its really one of those places where you want to make your next appointment when you are paying.

Also, if I remember correctly, they do free bang trims, and one of my friends who kept her hair super short they would just charge a men's haircut instead of a full women's cut.
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Leah at Bang Salon - Metropole (Logan Circle)

She has given me very similar cuts - she's also a really cool person. Finding a good stylist is difficult - ittook me 3 years to find someone I liked enough for repeat visits in DC so I wish you the best of luck no matter where you go!
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Best answer: Seconding Ryan at Eastern Confederate!
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I am neither androgynous nor a hipster, but I have similar hair and have been going to VSL in Dupont Circle for nearly 10 years. Shirin does my hair, but just about anybody there would work. Inexpensive, too - I tip generously and get out for well under $50.
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Best answer: I'll offer a third vote for Ryan & Eastern Confederate in general.
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I recommend Kylie at Plane Jane salon in downtown Bethesda without reservation for any hairstyle. She's awesome.
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If you're willing to travel to Annapolis, I highly recommend Lauren at the Bubbles in the mall here. She's been cutting my hair for four years, and we've done everything from asymmetrical pixie cuts to my current style, which is like Ginnifer Goodwin's (super short on the sides, longer on top). $45 for a great cut from a great girl!
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I also go to Bang Salon (the one in Metropole) where I see Brennan. I started going there after noticing that several of my friends had gotten really great haircuts- they all went to Bang, although to different stylists. The stylists at Bang seem to be particularly good at cuts that are slightly hipper/edgier/hipstery, which is what my twentysomething hipstery friends are all looking for.
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