Comfy women's boots for wide, high-arched feet?
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My feet are roughly the shape of a duck's. What brands of women's (fashion) boots should I investigate?

In particular, I'd love to find boots that run fairly roomy at the top of the foot, just below the ankle. My feet aren't just high-arched underneath, but high on top: the big-toe metatarsal slopes up pretty steeply toward the ankle, and the little bump that everybody has mid-foot, where metatarsal meets the tarsals, is on my foot more like a medium-sized hill.
Boots and booties I've tried in the past (Naturalizers, some cheapie brands) have felt fine at first, but awful after an hour or two, as though they're trying to push my foot out of joint at the top. I could just try wide sizes, but I'm worried that wide wouldn't necessarily equate to high-arched.

So: anyone got ideas for roomier/more forgiving, yet still stylish, boot brands I should be investigating? Lower-to-medium price range preferred, but I do realize that comfort doesn't necessarily come cheap. Thanks!
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I have trouble fitting shoes but found a wonderful pair at the Nine West outlet. They're microfiber so not confining, and roomy but not loose. Plus they pull up over my calves, which is my biggest problem fitting boots.
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Right there with you with tall feet. The hill on top can also start to rub the fabric of the boot against your socks, which is just excruciating. There is nothing comparable. It's why I always buy from zappos, nothing else, because they'll let you return a shoe after wearing it around the house for the day, no questions asked, with free shipping.

That being said, I have had luck with boots/shoes that are made of stretchy material like lycra. It tends to stretch across the top of the foot and flex with you:

You might also enjoy the Barking Dog Shoes blog.
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My feet aren't 'tall' but are wide; I got some lovely born boots at zappos 2 years ago, on sale in March or thereabouts. This is my 2nd winter wearing them; they're comfortable and suit my style.
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Hello foot twin! I have super-high arches and insteps on a 9 1/2 C foot. Some brands that work for me are Sofft, Clarks, and Naturalizer. born often works but can be too low in the instep. Steve Madden boots can work, but the lasts vary enormously from shoe to shoe. Stuart Weitzmann is great but I am way too cheap to spend that much on footwear.
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Have you tried Naot? They have super accommodating and comfy toe boxes, and I think would also fit comfortably over your tall foot (though my feet are more wide than tall, so I'm not 100% sure).
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I have the same problem, and have had good luck with Clark's and (UK brand) Fly. La Canadienne is also a good bet but they are very high quality and priced accordingly.
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Seconding Naot for high instep problem feet. After years of Birkenstocks, my mother has found Naot to be like wearing slippers. She also found one model of Dansko that works, but she doesn't like them as well as Naot.
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Seconding the Barking Dog Shoes blog recommendation. I have frustratingly hard-to-fit feet and have found some great leads by looking through her blog. The search is pretty good: e.g. she has really specific tags like "high toe box," for example.
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We are DEFINITELY foot twins. I have such a high arch and pronounced bump that people interested in such things have told me I should model for fetish footwear. The comfiest pairs of boots I've ever owned were Clarks (the Orinocco Jump Boot) and Simple (an English brand, don't remember the model.) Both run nice and wide, but, miracle of miracles, they are also TALL (and have arch support).

Good luck! If you find a pair you love, you should update the thread. I'm always on the lookout.
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I have your feet with bonus wide calves! My favorite boots are from La Canadienne ($$$ but worth it). My go-to shoe brands are Sofft, Beautifeel, Paul Green, Arche, Cole Haan Air (in wide) and Naot. None of these are cheap and sometimes you have to wade through a fair amount of frump, but all of them are comfy!
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I've got super high arches and wide feet and have had pretty good luck with Frye boots. At least, I've found two pairs that fit me, which is a good record for me .
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Seconding La Canadienne, they are expensive but they will last forever.

To add a few not mentioned: Corso Como, Naturalizer, Farylrobin, Mis moos, Kors by Michael Kors (cheaper line), Aerosoles (wide), BCBG

Boots are on sale starting now so you might be able to get a real steal. I think Corso Como, and Farylrobin are far nicer quality than the other brands I mentioned for not much more money.
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