What is the Midwestern Oxford American/Garden & Gun?
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As a Midwestern expat living in the South, I have more Southern literature, magazines, blogs, and podcasts than I can shake a stick at. How do I find the Midwestern equivalents?

I lived in Ohio my whole life until I moved to the South a few years ago. Since moving here, I've started reading the Oxford American, Garden & Gun, and a slew of great podcasts, radio shows, and blogs. I love how all these things help me connect to this region of the country. Now I want to consume similar content that's explicitly about the Midwest..... but does it exist?

I don't care about the form of the material, as long as it's reasonably easy to access and not too geographically specific to a certain area/or city in the Midwest (I'm more interested in content that covers the whole Midwestern region). I'm a librarian with great access to interlibrary loan and academic databases, so more hefty material is fine as well.

Things I'm not too interested in/already know about:
-Well known NPR personalities like Ira Glass and Garrison Keillor. Have listened to them for ages and do enjoy them.
-I hate industrial Midwestern rustbelt "falling down building porn" ...I find it profoundly offensive, grossly voyeuristic, boring, and wish it would go away forever (to put it mildly)
-I just found UrbanPlains, but sadly it looks like it's been defunct for a while.

***Extra bonus points if you can recommend any outlets that clearly have a weird relationship with each other (e.g., how Garden & Gun has picked up some OA writers, and how OA released an extremely snarky editorial against G&G. I eat stuff like that up with a spoon, although I realize that, to stereotype for a moment, Midwesterners are less likely to commit things like that to print!)
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Rust wire is a website about rust belt cities. There's some photography but more reportage about the current state of these cities, corruption, attempts at gentrification, etc.
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I very briefly worked at the University of Nebraska Press a few years back. They have a history of publishing good stuff with regional concerns.
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Try Plains Magazine, Urban Plains Magazine or Prairie Times
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