Should he have eaten it?
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My husband ate a small jar of opened caviar that has been in the fridge an undetermined amount of time (longer than several months). Internet seems to indicate caviar should be eaten with 2-4 days of opening the jar (vacuum sealed, not from a refrigerated section) but doesn't indicate if this is for flavor alone or safety. Expecting food poisoning? Should we be heading to the ER tonight? Clinic tomorrow? Wait and see?

For what it's worth, I told him to ask metafilter before he ate it. He insisted because it was preserved (pickled?) that it would be fine.
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Response by poster: My husband would like to add: "Hey I didn't eat no whole jar! I ate literally like a quarter teaspoon. Just to get texture and flavor"
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Best answer: A quarter of a teaspoon? I'd wait and see. It's very possible absolutely nothing will happen.
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Best answer: You can take Pepto Bismol prophylactically in such cases.
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Best answer: Caviar is salted... but the amount varies based on the type and the producer.

If it has been in the refrigerator the entire time, I probably would just wait and see.
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Best answer: After the deed? I always just wait and see. If you get some kind of yuck from it, you'll know in a couple of's not like it's going to lurk in your system waiting to kill you silently a year from now.
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Best answer: Caviar tends to be fairly heavily salted. He should be fine.

If he does get sick, certainly head to a clinic. But it's not as if there's much to be done at this point.
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Best answer: You do realize that if he doesn't get sick, he's probably going to go back and eat the whole jar. IME with salted and pickled foods, he'll be fine.
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Best answer: As a reality check point, a canned/jarred meat or fish product that had gone dangerously bad would probably smell and taste like a dumpster. Perhaps not 100% certainty on this, but still - as has been said, the salt would most likely have preserved it. Before refrigeration, salt (in higher levels) kept meat from spoiling for quite some time.
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Best answer: He'll be fine. Otherwise, he'll throw up and he'll be fine.
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You're considering going to the ER and telling them that you have no symptoms, but you're worried something MIGHT happen at some point?

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I should add, even the clinic is going to be pretty baffled if you try to make an appointment about "possible future food poisoning".
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Response by poster: I was worried this would be like a "OMG get his stomach pumped right now" type deal. Thanks for the reasurrance!
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Best answer: My basic rule for the ER in the winter is to ask myself if whatever happens/is happening will be worse than the flu I will pickup at the ER.
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Best answer: Wait and see. if he develop vomiting, abdominal pain, and/or diarrhea, he must drink some hot beverages and go to Clinic tomorrow.
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Best answer: While you wait for potential tummy troubles to erupt please toss that jar.

Probably fine. If not, probably some GI evacuations in one direction or the other.
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