English Subtitles for "Moscow I love you."
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There is a film series of short films called "cities of love." The most common one is "New York, I love you." and "Paris, j t'aime" which are all over the place. However, my friend said "Moskva, ya lyublyu tebya!" (Moscow, I love you) is really good, but I can't find the English subtitles. I already have the movie, I just need the subtitles file. (Though hints on finding the movie with subtitles is also appreciated!) Any ideas where to look? This movie seems to be really obscure!
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From what I've been able to work out Moskva, ya lyublyu tebya is not one of the Cities of Love films. Emmanuel Benbihy is the producer for all the films and, while he does have the trademark registered, Moscow hasn't been a part of the series, and isn't in the current production list. I think the issue lies with imdb incorrectly stating that it is the next in the series after New York, I love You, while according to Wikipedia:
"The next episodes will be in Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, Jerusalem and Venice, before heading to Berlin and New Orleans."
FWIW, sadly there don't appear to be any subtitles online for Moskva, ya lyublyu tebya either.
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