Melbourne: testing for STIs
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Where in Melbourne, Australia can I be tested for STIs? I live in the eastern suburbs, so the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre isn't particularly convenient - though if it is cheaper/quicker for testing/results, I will consider making the trip there.

I am a sexually active bisexual man who thinks it's probably about time to be tested for STIs - just in case. I am pretty responsible when it comes to safe sex (condoms always for anal and vaginal sex, I don't swallow semen but I also don't use condoms/dams for oral sex which I know can carry a small risk), but I figure it's better to get these tests done, just in case.

I'd like to know if these services can be done at a bulk billing clinic under Medicare, if any of these are local to the (outer) eastern suburbs area of Melbourne, and what the turnaround time for test results are likely to be. I know some places can give test results same day, but maybe not for all tests? And maybe not all places?

I hate going to the doctors, but I'm trying to be responsible. Thanks in advance for the help.
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Are you near Box Hill? There's the Family Planning Clinic there.
I'd just see my GP for this sort of thing.
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Any GP will be able to do STI testing and yes they are covered by bulk billing (places that aren't fully bulk billed where you have to pay a small fee sometimes require you to pay for pathology, but most completely bulk billed places are free). Depending on what you are getting tested for will depend on how long the results take too. Simple urine tests for chlamydia, gonorrhea etc may only take a day or two, whereas blood results can take up to a week.
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Northside Clinic in North Fitzroy is an extremely good practice that specifically focuses on the LGBT community. The 112 tram stops right out front.
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Female, Brisbane: I had a herpes scare a while back and got a full-spread check, bulk billed, no worries. Took three, four days, I think?

You won't have to explain why you want it in any detail, just a "it's about time, check me for everything, doc" should get you the pathology referral you need. Took me all of half an hour and made my life much less stressful.
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