Help me find this kitchen item!
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I was in a kitchenware store on holidays a few weeks ago and I saw these great silicon-type glass drainers. Of course I can't remember what they were called, nor can I describe them in ways that google will like. Can anyone help? I'm Australian and I saw them in Beechworth...

They were flat sheets with raised nubbin things that would prevent the cups from moving around and facilitate drainage. They were specifically for glassware. In case it's still not clear, you would use them if you didn't have a draining bench for drying your dishes.

I'm not fussed about brands. And actually even if they were for purchase only in the US if I had a name for them I could google adequately. I don't remember the name of the store it is 3 hours away!

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Something like this silicone glass drying mat? (I have something very similar and searched with "silicone glass drying mat" to find this one).

Or this one, which seems to have the nubbins you're describing?
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Yes! I thought of the term 'silicon' only after I posted. Plastic was not yielding suitable results. Thanks!
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