Why is that you can only get pineapple juice in cans?
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PineappleJuiceFilter: Why is that you can only get pineapple juice in cans?

I am talking bigger then the litttle 20oz bottles. The only ones I have ever found in any sort of bottle are those scary looking ones in the "ethnic" food aisle. It cant be a acid issue, so why just cans?
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I say suck it up and go for the "scary looking ones". Don't pass it by just because it has writing that isn't english on it.
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Cost. I don't know of too many bottling plants in the US that ship pineapple juice. Latin/South American countries, OTOH, are all over that.
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There are a lot of pineapple juices that come in bottles. I know that you're scared of "ethnic" but maybe "natural" won't scare you as much. If you go to a natural / organic supermarket (whole foods even), you'll have lots of choices of big (32 oz) bottles of pineapple juice. Which incidentally will knock the socks offa shitty can of juice.

I always like Looza, but I drink Santa Cruz, and Lakewood are also quite nice.
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I buy mine locally at a natural foods co-op and I just checked your info and you are in Maryland (which is where I am, Frederick). I go to the Common Market, however that is probably an hour drive your you. I did a google search for Whole Foods near-by. I bet they carry this product.

The pineapple juice is fantastic too!
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Maybe because it tends to seperate and look weird, making it less attractive in bottles.
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i think electroboy has it....plus the bottles tend to be dusty and old looking. its not the foreign factor at all.
basically all i want is a big ole plastic bottle that i can take camping.
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We can get it in tetrapacks here in Vancouver BC.
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Available here in Calgary in Tetra packs (200ml, 1l and 1.5l) and in plastic 3.78l bottles. Which kind of implies it should be available down south in what ever kind of wacky imperial measurement 3.78l is.
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Mitheral, 3.78 liters is a gallon.

(Weird US Metric Fun Fact: large bottles of sodapop are always 2 liter bottles. I think that's the only mainstream metric usage in the US.)
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Is this a US thing? We get most of our juices in tetrapaks. (Bangalore, India)
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My local Trader Joe's carried it in a big yellow opaque container.
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You can get pineapple juice in plastic bottles and tetrapacks in Australia too.
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Over here in Poland, we get pineapple juice (as well as 95% of all juices over a liter) TetraPac.
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