Podcasts as good as Scriptnotes, but for prose?
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I've recently started listening to Scriptnotes, a great podcast by John August and Craig Mazin about screenwriting. Is there a similar podcast about novel/short story writing, or indeed writing in general? Podcasts I already subscribe to and key things I like about Scriptnotes inside.

Reasons I like Scriptnotes:
- Great hosts with the ability to have genuinely funny back and forth banter
- Very knowledgeable and genuinely experienced in the field they're talking about
- Huge range of topics from the business side of things to software tools to creativity
- Not genre-specific (although I'd be up for an SF-focused version, if one existed)
- Well edited and produced without a lot of rambling, awkward silences or awkwarder banter.
- Regular Q&As and experimentation with new features (i.e. it's not a totally rigid format)

Podcasts I already subscribe to/would rule out:
- Writing Excuses (do subscribe, but it's very genre-focused and they talk over each other a lot).
- I should be writing (did subscribe, found the one-person-talking intros not very engaging and the editing/rambling quotient a bit high)
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I only just found these so I haven't listened to any except for Slate Cultural Gabfest (which I LOVE) but check these out!
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The "Other People with Brad Listi" podcast. He interviews fiction writers and sometimes nonfiction writers about their lives and their writing process. You get a good sense of how people come to writing, how they feel about it, how they do it, where they do it, etc.

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Thanks for the answers folks, I've subscribed to Other People, the Wordplay podcast and I'm also trying out the Nerdist podcast from the second part of the blog post that dinosaurprincess linked to.

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Answering my own question, I just came across The Geek's Guide to the Galaxy, now part of Wired but previously at Tor.com and iO9, which is pretty great. Nice, long episodes mixing great interviews with SF&F writers that are heavy on craft and working practices, plus really good panel discussions. I'm hooked.
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