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Recommendation for good international LD cycling trip in March/April?

I've done some self-guided cycling trips, some of which I made the route for and some organized. I'd like to do another with my boyfriend in late March. One or two weeks. Somewhere abroad. His first, but he's super game.

I tend to like to travel in developing or middle tier countries, but nothing too volatile per the vulnerability inherent in cycling. Well, I've done a couple cycling trips in France and love it there, it's just a little pricey. Also, we'll need to get the bikes wherever we go. Through an agency or routing it ourselves is fine. I do like the agency aspect when they'll arrange for housing in Timbuktu and sometimes move your bags, but we're a little conservative on the funds at present, so my usual pick of Bike Tours Direct is out of budget.

Recommendations as to a place or itinerary? Or a resource that would enable us to mull over some options? Gorgeous Mediterranean waters are not out of the question. But the weather -- we must have nice weather. I don't want to be piling on the layers to battle icy headwinds. I'm more of a leisure bicycler, having wine with lunch and stopping to poke around funny old buildings and such. You know the 50 mile a day program. We both enjoy the finer things in life -- culture and food and history.

So what do you think? Vietnam? Turkey? Elsewhere?

Thanks for any thoughts!
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Couldn't recommend New Zealand enough. It's a pricey ticket out and is def. not developing, but the weather is great until about mid April. You can find places to rent you a bike in cities like Christchurch.
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Apparently Thailand has some good cycling tours. I read about one in a flight magazine- unfortunately cam't remember the name of the tour group but it sounded as you describe.
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Hungary! Wine, castles, culture, pretty easy to navigate, cheap!, and probably warmish in the spring, especially later in April. Budapest a delicious bonus.
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Also thinking: Sardinia, Kyushu.
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