Once Again, help me remember a movie...
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The movie was released in the late 1990's early 2000's. It's a movie set in LA in the 70's or 80's. There's a murder (or beating?) at a nice house over a drug deal.

There's also a dumpy apartment where people live and use drugs.

Lots of scenes of sitting in an old beater outside the nice house where the murder occurs. There's a girl in the movie who gets caught up in the whole thing. I think they try to frame someone who is innocent and he has to clear his name. I seem to recall either a suitcase full of money or drugs. (No, not true romance...)

You know this movie...Please help me remember!
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Pulp Fiction?
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Boogie Nights?
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Seconding Go, although there are probably other alternatives.
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Wonderland it is. Thanks!
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FWIW, the Wonderland Murders were also fictionalized in Boogie Nights.
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If you want to read the true story of the "girl who is wrapped up in everything" I suggest The Road Through Wonderland- which is the memoir of John Holmes' 16 year old girlfriend. She worked with the film makers on Wonderland, but was a bit upset at how they portrayed Holmes as sympathetic.
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