How to get google drive access to invites sent to a linked email account
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I get google drive document invites sent to my work email, and I can't access them through my gmail account, even though I've successfully linked the two addresses in my primary google account. Any ideas?

But I have been so accepting of our benevolent google overlords . . .

So I have a personal gmail account ( to which I have also linked my work email address ( However, when google drive file invites get sent to my work address, I am told I don't have permission to access them.

This page makes me think it should work, but I'm stumped as to why it won't.

I can even sign in to my primary ( email by entering (, so the link is clearly successful.

It's super frustrating, because if I do give people my gmail address for invites like this, then I start getting work email there when they don't check carefully. Any thoughts?

- I can't create a new google account with the work email without unlinking it, if I try, I get the error that the email address is already in use.
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I do this by signing into multiple Google accounts at once (if I am understanding your situation correctly). Is that an option for your setup?
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Response by poster: Thanks - it's not an option, because if I try to create a separate account with the work address, I'm told that it's already registered (because it's linked to the personal account).

It's possible that would work if I unlinked them, but I'd prefer not to do that. (Though I can as last resort)
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No, not create a new account, but sign into both your GMail account and your work account in different tabs of the same browser is what I think misterbrandt is suggesting. It might work.
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I don't think that will work either. I have both a personal Google Apps for Domain account as well as a plain account. I am signed into both of them but I recently got a doc invite to my plain gmail account and it wouldn't work while I was logged in with both account. I solved the problem with opening the other account in a different browser but that is sub-optimal at best.
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Response by poster: The problem is that I don't have two accounts --- I only have one. I can log in with either address, but it's a single account with as the primary. It acts like one account (the password is the same for both accounts - resetting it resets for both addresses). So I can't be signed in differently, and regardless of which one I sign in with, google doc invites to the work address don't work.
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I think the confusion of some of the above posters is that the person does not have two GMAIL addresses, but rather 1 gmail and 1 address at another domain that he can use to sign into the gmail account.

That said - I have run into this same problem and have never been able to solve it, unfortunately. Definitely obnoxious.
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Response by poster: Yep, rainbowbrite, that's the problem.
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In general, if you want access to a google doc from an email account that does not have access, you can send the document creator a request for permission.

So, you could try sending a request from the work email address asking for permission to have access to the document. I do not know that this will work, but it's worth a try.
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Is this work email listed in your Google Account as an alternate email address? Or is just that your gmail is setup to check mail for this work mailbox?

If I invite one of my email aliases (which IS listed in my Google Account as an alternate address) to share a Google Doc, and then I copy/paste the link that arrives in my invite email into an Incognito window (to eliminate the chance of some cookie telling google that I am me), i am prompted to log into my Google account, and then I can access the shared document.

Maybe this is not an accurate test since I am myself, but if your work email is not an alternate email address in your Google Account, try adding it?
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