Is $3.79 Ok For Heating Oil?
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I'm paying $3.79/gallon for heating oil in Westchester county, NY. Is that a reasonably ok price? If not, can anyone recommend another supplier (I'm using Castle).
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I was about to suggest that you seek out a heating oil buying co-op. On their website it seems that you are paying significantly less than the area average.
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It's below the national average according to EIA's stats.
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Check this online listing of oil prices. Back before I got a delivery contract with a local company, I used the MA equivalent of this site.
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Better than I'm paying in N VA.
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I would be happy to get that price these days. :(

In MA, not NY.
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Depending on where you are in Westchester, that's a decent price.

I use Sclafani in Mahopac (they do northern westchester - if you memail me what town you are in, I can tell you if they deliver there - I used to work for them a few years ago.) If they do deliver to your town, you might be interested in switching to them. They are a good company to be a customer of, and it is a small family business - IIRC, castle is a big organization. I guess they both have their pluses and minuses. Sclafani is at $3.699 and they do match local prices, so you might be able to barter that down. Website However, Sclafani is COD, and I think Castle allows billing? that extra 10 cents may have to do with a finance charge, or it might just be because westchester is more expensive than putnam.

If you stick with Castle, try to haggle - most oil companies will match prices with comparable (ie, full service, cod, billing, etc.) companies!
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I check prices at the beginning of winter, and try to stick with 1 company. Oil furnaces do need an annual cleaning, and if you should have a problem with the furnace, you'll get faster service from a company with whom you have already done business.
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