Help me fill in this vague recollection of a story I read?
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Help me fill in this vague recollection of a story I read? I read it probably as recently as last year. I don't remember if it's a short story or an incident in a novel.

Anyway, a man's family is at the lake or at the beach. He is supposed to join them at some point but winds up taking a room in a nearby town. There, he becomes fascinated with some writings left behind by the room's prior tenant, a woman who died (tragically?)

It's all so vague. I have a memory of being moved by it and finding it fascinating and now I just can't take the extra step to remembering what it is so that I can reread it. Anybody got bells ringing?

Seems to me there was a landlady at the rooming house who was either venal or overly friendly or curious. I think he made occasional short train trips to the place where the family was staying, without letting on to them that he was staying nearby.
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The main character is a woman, not a man, but a lot of this reminds me of Anne Tyler's Ladder of Years.
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Response by poster: Thank you, but that wasn't it. I've only read a few Anne Tylers and I know that wasn't it and I've never read it.
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For some reason your description reminds me of Possession by A.S. Byatt, though after reading the description on Wikipedia I think I'm probably wrong.
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It's not Possession, which is about academics researching Victorian poets.
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Response by poster: I've read Possession and this wasn't it, but thanks.
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Response by poster: Well, this one's going to go dormant any day now, I suppose. If you read this sometime in the next few months or years, and you know the answer, please feel free to me-mail me. Thanks!
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