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Some stray thought reminded me of a book that I enjoyed in the early eighties (I think). It was a post-apocalypse sci-fi where people wandered around fighting each other 1-on-1 in rings. Very honor-bound with strict rules. ...

The rings were literal circles, not arena's, and I think they'd have a few buildings where people would stay. There were a limited number of weapons allowed in the circle, I'm pretty sure a club/s was one and rope, probably a sword.

There was a mountain where the dishonored went to die, or at least the hero did, but it turned out there was a bunch of scientist hiding in the mountain and they took him in and turned him into a superman who went back out to unite the tribes or something like that. I think ultimately he lead them back to take over the scientist's mountain as well.

Google isn't helping as my search terms are too vague so any clues would be appreciated.

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Thanks. I went back to Google and had just come back here to post that same link. It turned out that "rope" was the word I needed to include and the "Sos the Rope", apparently book one, turned up as about the fifth hit.

Thank you
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