Looking for a printer in Manhattan
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Looking for a solid, reliable printer in midtown Manhattan (preferably). I'm designing a program for a memorial service that will be taking place there next month but I'm located out of town and don't have any NYC designer contacts. The files will be ready well in advance so we won't need superquick turnaround. Can the hivemind recommend anyone? Thanks!
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I used Rosemont Press for an event in November that included a 24 page program.
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I don't know any printers in Manhattan, but I have been in the situation of trying to find a printer for a project before.

1) Get a list of five or six printers in the area and send all of them quote requests. If you are able, explain the situation and see if they are willing to mail you a sample of their work so you can verify quality. Generally you can tell just from a quote request which printers are going to be responsive and easy to work with based on how quick and friendly their response is.

2) Is there any reason that you *have* to use a printer in Manhattan? If you have a local printer you're comfortable with and time isn't an issue, why not just have them do it and then FedEx the prints to the client?
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