Replacement Remote for an RC boat
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I have a radio control boat without a remote, very similar to the one pictured here. After much Googling, it doesn't look like a replacement is easily available. How would I go about setting up a radio control remote for this boat? What information and equipment would I need?
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You need to know which frequency band it's on -- probably 27 MHz for the cheaper ones, or 75 MHz for the more fancy ones; you need to know which channel the boat is on (which is a number, like ch 12), and if it's AM or FM. All this stuff is probably printed on receiver.

Once you have that info, any transmitter with the same specs will work.
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If it's not printed on the receiver, you could take the boat to a hobby store and just let them try a few until you find one that does control the boat.
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It's been a while since I've been into RC, but back then, I don't think I saw any radios that didn't cost a fair amount more than the whole cost of that boat. So it may end up being easier to buy a new boat. Maybe look on eBay for the same thing with a working radio?
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