Looking for a high pressure shower head
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Hi, I'm looking for recommendations on a high pressure shower head under $30. Not looking for anything fancy, just want something that would wash away the soap as quickly as possible so I don't have to spend 30 minutes in the shower. I saw this online and it looks promising (if it works like they show in the video) I'm ok with buying in store (Home Depot, Menards, ACE hardware, walmart, bed bath n beyond, sears) or buying it online. Thanks.
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My fiance and I have a "Tingle King" shower head. It is old and looks like crap but that mofo has pressure like you wouldn't believe. When I first moved in I wanted to replace it with a nicer one... huge faux pas.
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I think you might have better results by changing your soap. Not all soaps are like that; some wash off easily. (I myself use Coast; it doesn't linger.)
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years ago i worked at a company that made the "Oxygenics" showerheads. It is still my favorite, and i still buy them as gifts.

as for power, some people don't like it, it is loud, it is like a jet engine of water. I once toured a bird rescue place that used them to clean oil off of sea birds.
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This might also have to do with water hardness.

I had a very inexpensive low flow shower head that oddly my wife absolutely hated because she felt it had much too harsh a spray, despite its economical use. It is the same as this one. Now, I bought it because it was very inexpensive (<$10 at the local chain home improvement store), was low flow, and had a valve built in.
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We got the Ultimate from here: http://www.highpressureshowerheads.com/ in an apartment that only previously had only a sad trickle and it worked very well. You can also easily remove the mesh filter inside to make it even better (and probably illegal as you are supposed to have some form of flow control).
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Many shower heads sold in the US have flow restrictors installed, a little nylon washer that restricts the flow through the pipe to meet local water conservation code. They're usually easy to remove. Worth checking your existing shower head; unscrew it and look inside. Any $10 shower head from Home Depot can become a "high flo" shower head just by removing the restrictor.
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Exactly what Nelson said. I just buy whatever showerhead I like, unscrew it, stick a screwdriver in there and pry out the regulator/restrictor thing, and blammo, happy shower.

Ooh video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlklQH85Hec

(Warning hilarious (to me) lewd language.)

You might need some of that waterproof plumber's joint-tape when you screw it all back in. It's a few pennies.
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You shouldn't have to spend 30 minutes in the shower to rinse off. Soap is soluble in water, so virtually any amount of water will do; it doesn't need to be particularly high pressure.

If you are feeling a film after showering from other ingredients in the soap (e.g. moisturizers) and find this unpleasant, switch to a different soap that doesn't leave a residue. Why apply these substances to your body only to wash them off again?
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Seconding Kindall, I had a similar issue and fixed it by switching to a soap without moisturizers.
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Water hardness turned out to be the problem with my shower, and we fixed that with an Aquasana filtration unit, basically a Brita filter plus showerhead. It's really nice - it gets my hair and skin much cleaner. That's $60 or $70 depending on the model though. Looking at the related items on Amazon, this Culligan filtered showerhead is $27.
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This website is a roundup of high pressure shower heads. I haven't tried any of them, I'm stuck on my old Water Pic, which is one step below a power washer. But only after I removed the water restrictor.
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Nelson has it exactly.
Buy a couple of them — cheap, lightweight — and put one in your travel kit, too, along with a small wrench. Never be dribbled on again.
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