(How) can I get the Orpheus New Brandenburgs?
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I'm ignorant about almost everything relating to this question, so I'm probably missing something obvious. I'd like to own the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra's New Brandenburgs in some medium. While I've been able to listen online, I haven't found a way to buy them digitally or physically.

I've checked the Orpheus website and amazon and iTunes and google - I hope I'm just missing something obvious, in which case, could someone point it out to me gently?

If they really aren't available for purchase/download, can someone explain how this sort of thing works and if it's likely that the recorded performance will ever be released?
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A browse through the Recordings section of couple of the composers of the new commissioned works doesn't list their commissions as available. So I'd say that there's no recording released yet. As to prospects, your best bet is to drop a query at marketing@orpheusnyc.org
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I have run into this situation with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Many or all of their concerts are made available for streaming online a few days after the performance. Not surprisingly, though, they are much more choosy about what they actually release as albums for sale.

One possible for solution would be to capture the audio stream using a tool like Audio Hijack Pro (Mac-only. I'm sure there are Windows equivalents.) That won't get you the highest quality reproduction but it will at least get you the music. This may be a violation of the terms of service of the stream; you should check and let your conscience be your guide.
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Thanks to both of you. I'm bummed that they're not available, but it's good to know I wasn't just missing something, and your advice is really useful.
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