Where will my WA license be sent?
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When renewing my WA State license online, I can specify both a residence and mailing address. Which one will it be sent to?

I'm out of the country at the moment, and need to renew my license. I want to send it to my mailing address (a UPS Store box) so that I can have them forward it to my address abroad (if I have it sent to my residence address, this would be a much more painful process).

Does anyone know from experience where it's sent? I can't see any info about this on the site, at least before the point where you have to pay.
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Best answer: I have the same set-up as you, and I seem to remember mine went to my mailing address.
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Mailing address. Residence is what gets printed on the card.
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I am pretty sure they ask for a mailing address because that is where they would mail it if it differs from your permanent or residence address. Otherwise, why ask for a mailing address? I renewed a NY license while attending school in another state and they asked the same question. My residence was the address written on the license and it was sent to me in Virginia at the mailing address.
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They mail it to your mailing address.
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