Does anyone know what this says? Maybe Chinese or Japanese?
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My friend found this slip in some packaging; can anyone tell us what it says? Image here.
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Chinese. I'm not a native speaker and can't read it all but it looks like some kind of printing press instructions including (I think) the words for glossy (or maybe it's UV coating), two sided, cut, copy.
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One of the words I missed seems to mean "super luxury" so I presume that's a high grade of paper.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much!
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I'm pretty sure it's in simplified Chinese:
X板(?) 超雅 双面 光油 切. 啤.
Not sure about the first compound so that's just a guess.

2nd word onwards it reads: ultra-refined/graceful, double sided, varnish/coating, cut. Last word *could* be a unit used in industrial molding.

To me it sounds like a random collection of words but as Dansaman guesses it might have something to do with printing/industry?
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