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I'm trying to track down a song I heard on a CD back in the 1990's. My goodle-fu is a-failin me. Here's what is known

1. I think the name of the song was "The Big Picture."

2. The lyrics I remember as the first line of the chorus were "Fly over me in your mercury machine"

3.. It was a female artist and the CD was classified as "alternative." It was a rock/pop band of session players playing on the track, not particulary hard (on the hard rock side) and not particulary soft (on the folkie side).

4. She was the cover the CD. She was young, pretty, thin and had dark hair.

5. It was on major label and it was the only major label release by this artist. A one non-hit-wonder.

6. The CD I heard was a promotional CD sent to music press but I think it was probably identical to the retail CD.

7. It came out sometime in the 1990's (absolutely positive on the decade.)


I never have any luck on these. Sometimes I wonder if my tastes are just so so incrediblly esoteric that the world just can't keep up with me. And then when nobody reemer I stop and wonder if

or maybe I'm just seriously hallucinating my past?

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Y Kant Tori Read - 'The Big Picture' - Wikipedia

Tori Amos' band before she went solo. 1988.
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Best answer: Nan Vernon?
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Response by poster: That's it, thanks.
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