Ghost in the Shell 2.0 or the original version?
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I have a DVD containing Ghost in the Shell 2.0 (the re-mastered version with a new score) and the 'original movie version'.
If I'm only going to watch one, which should it be? I'll be watching with Japanese dialogue and English subtitles in either case.
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The original one. IIRC, the 2.0 version has a bunch of CGI replacing hand animation and I remember it really sucking the charm of the animation right out.

While you're at it, I really recommend watching Stand Alone Complex as well. I loved some of the cel animation in the movie but honestly it's kind of an incoherent mess. The TV series presents a much more competant story in the same universe.
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The original one, by far. While the animation and voice work was cleaned up in 2.0, they replaced some of the action scenes with horrid CGI.
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Thirding this.

The 2.0 version is so bad that I'm going to import the original theatrical cut on blu-ray from Japan because it seems that's the only way to get the non-terrible version in HD.
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(NSFW, nudity and spoilers. Both from Ghost and the Shell and DVD covers in ads.): Movie Censorship's Ghost in the Shell theatrical vs 2.0 comparison (NSFW, again). I had never seen the 2.0 version--just theatrical, but looking at these screenshots... wow, I can't believe they replaced that much animation with such poorly done CG.
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Thanks for the answers - good to get such a consensus!
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The japanese blu-ray is... expensive. Play-Asia has a couple of different versions (one with the DVD, one without) for $90-110. For the record, both Japan and the US are BR region A, so it shouldn't be an issue. If you go to cons, you may luck out though, while the US BR of Akira was out of print for a long time, the japanese version was heavily imported for $40 or so.
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Watch the original!
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So I watched the original version last night and . . . it was a curious experience. It obviously was informed by, and influenced, so much of videogame culture that it was utterly familiar yet very dislocating. I enjoyed it though and will definitely take up selfnoise's recommendation of SAC.

I then watched the first 10 minutes of the 2.0 version and can agree that it's awful. It's not so much the CGI itself, more that it intercuts with the cel animation in a strange and unsuccessful way.
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Considering the film was one of the earliest Anime features to really make a splash over here (1995!), I'd say it's the other way around: a lot of the anime and cyberpunk elements you see in modern games take a lot of inspiration from it.
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