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My workplace, a public library, is planning to replace/ enhance the landscaping with ornamental, edible vegetables. We'll be donating the produce to the local food pantry as it comes available. What we need is a catchy promotional phrase to promote and advertise what we're doing. One early suggestion was "food, not flowers" but that's dry and sort of negative. So, give me your best, catchiest, inspired ideas!
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Books & Broccoli!
Reading & Radishes!
Literature & Lettuce!
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Feeding Minds (and Bodies!) Since 19XX

With the parenthetical part "added" in a different typeface, like someone wrote it in.
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Gardening for Good
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Perhaps something about Reading and Weeding?
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... or the Weeding Reader Society
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Readers Digest.
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Fill our Minds, Fill our Bellies
Pretty. Appetizing.
A Recipe for Charity
Read and Feed
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The Library Larder

Nourishment: For the body and mind
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Feast for the Eyes
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A Moveable Feast
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Have a public contest to name it via Twitter, Facebook and in person boxes. Could be a fun way to promote ahead of time too.
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Food for Thought
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Lettuce Help
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Not my idea, and Readers Digest is (IMO) a clear winner, but I've been hearing this one from urban gardeners about town: Food Not Lawns (h/t)
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The [Library Name] Community Garden: Growing Together
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I suspect this is a minority opinion, but I suggest *avoiding* a catchy phrase.

The program is exciting enough without having to dress it up, and it probably already sounds whimsical to a lot of people in the community. Don't handicap yourself with a name that's obviously silly or requires explanations. Instead, give it the sort of boring, sober name that will easily fit in when the libraries in boring, sober towns who want to copy you use it in city planning meetings and grant proposals.

For example, "the Edible Library" or "the MyTown Library Edible Garden Project."

"Reader's Digest" is brilliant. But, do you really want everyone to thinks about the library to immediately think about that magazine? Ick.

The "___ not ___" structure is too deeply associated with radical movements to use for anything else. (While I'd argue this project actually *is* a radical political activity, saying so will only hurt its chances.) You might as well try to sell the city council on "the communist free-love public library mind-control program." Besides, nobody wants their town library to be AGAINST flowers.
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Veg Out with a Book
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We have a spot on campus called Eat the Lawn.
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Thanks, all, for the suggestions and comments. Because we're in early stages of planning this project, ALL your answers are most appreciated, and eotvos, your comment also bears consideration. As always, AskMefi saves the day!
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Food comes from flowers, so why not call that out specifically? As a bonus, given the disconnect that lots of people have between their dinner and where it comes from, it could be a good teachable moment.

Flowers -> Food!
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Beautiful edibles?
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