Where should I sit?
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ConcertSeatsFilter: I neurotically, obsessively bought two tix to the same concert at Madison Square Garden in an effort to get the best seat I could. Both are good for different reasons, so I'm having a tough time deciding which one to use.

One is in section 1 row N seat 5 - 14 rows back!, but section 1 at the Garden is way off to the side, creating possible sight AND sound problems. The other is section 6 row R seat 9 (sections 1-4 are directly in front of the stage, so section 6 is behind section 2. This puts me roughly 45 rows from the stage, but closer to the center). So, wise mefites, I ask you - which location will make for the most mind-blowing concert experience? Which one would you use? Extra credit if you happen to know how the seat numbering works at the Garden - is seat 5 in section 1 5 seats in from the center aisle or the outer aisle?
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Wow, that was surprisingly difficult to find:
MSG Seating Chart with row letters and seat numbers

I think your section 6 seat is actually next to the soundboard -- look at the view from section 10 on the "official" Flash seating chart. So the sound is probably good, at least.
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What concert is this for?
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What kind of show is it? Are there likely to be big effects on the stage? Speaker towers that'll block your view if you're in the section 1 seat?

And which is more important to you? Visual impact or sound? You'll probably get better sound in section 6, but better visuals in section 1, unless you're blocked.

Another thought: Google for images of other shows on this tour, so you can get a sense of the stage setup and what the sightlines are likely to be like.
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Response by poster: Sir Paul. I guess the thrust of my question is where do people think that I'll get the best balance of sound AND visual? Tough to say which is MORE important - they're both important.
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Hmmmm....the one time I saw him, I sat really far away in a stadium and still had a good time due to the screens and sound both being pretty good. I'd go for the closer-up seats, but you run the risk of one of the side-stage screens or speaker stacks partially blocking your view of stage left (which is where I believe Linda used to play.) The section 6 seats will be farther away, but given the staging, probably almost exactly as good as the section 1 seats.

How'd you get such close-up seats to a big show? I can never manage to do that...
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It looks like his tour starts on Sept. 16. Starting on the 17th, I'd start looking for reviews in local papers, et cetera, that might include pictures of the stage setup. Just a thought.
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