Converting a personal facebook page to professional page...with issues
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I want to convert a personal facebook page to a professional one. The issue is: the personal page already has a group created under it. What happens to it?

I am taking over the neglected facebook page for our church. Currently we have a personal page that uses "X Episcopal" as the first name and "Church" as the last name. That personal account has created a page called "X Episcopal Church." Some of the friends of the personal page are fans of the other page, but not all. Some of the fans of the church page are friends with the personal page, but not all. (insert mental ven diagram here)

I'd like to consolidate these two groups, so converting the personal page into a professional one seems like a good idea. I know this process turns your "friends" into "fans" but what happens to a page that you already created? How do I make sure the current fans we have end up being fans of the new church page? In other words. I don't want two "X Episcopal Church" pages out there but I also don't want to lose any fans. Any ideas?

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Just go for it. Worst case you can merge the pages. (The page with fewer likes will have its content deleted)
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I think you can save the existing page this way, though I've never done this myself so it's just a best guess:

BEFORE you convert the personal account to a business page, give admin rights of the existing business page to your own &/or other church staff or volunteer's personal Facebook account(s). This way it shouldn't drop into a black hole when you convert - you'll still have a way to log in and administer it.

THEN convert the personal account to a business page -- this turns the friends of your existing personal account into Likes.

AFTER you've transferred admin rights, merge what are now two business pages as linked above. When you merge the pages, the page with fewer likes will have content deleted but likes will be combined so you shouldn't lose any followers.

As an aside: People get really weird about using their personal Facebook account to manage business pages, and that's why these kludgy work-arounds happen. I understand it and I see it a lot in my workplace. But think of it as you're using your Facebook login, but not your personal Facebook page, to manage the account. There is no public connection between the business page and your personal account & no one can know you're a FB page administrator except you (and other admins). It's pretty easy to add/drop administrators so even if you don't keep this role forever, you can hand it off when you need to.
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