What commercial was this?
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this is driving me crazy. at least ten years ago, i remember a commercial for jeans. levis, lee, wrangler, i looked for them all on youtube, to no avail. it's about some white dude, t-shirt, jeans, picking up some african-american woman for a date at her family's home. it makes a big deal about how he's white and he's definitely seen by the neighboring dudes as an interloper. can anyone remember this and/or provide a link? thanks.
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super long shot...is it this levi's commercial? the guy is not picking up a black girl for a date, but some of the elements are there. the guy buys condoms at the drug store directly from his date's dad (unbeknownst to him).
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Did you try searching for Diesel? Here's an old ad with an interracial couple, although the plot is not correct.
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Could it be a movie? Something New?
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Sounds a lot like the video for Alicia Keys' song, Un-thinkable (I'm Ready).
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He's not in jeans but it sounds a bit like this Southern Comfort ad.
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Bingo, KateViolet!!! How I remembered it as a Levis ad I'll never know. 1987, jeez, 26 years...
Alice Ayres, the levi's ad is fantastic. i'm checking into
more of gondry's work.
Everyone else, thanks a ton!
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