Best way to record cellphone conversations?
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What is the best way to record on an Android phone? Are there applications that can do this? Or is a speakerphone/tape recorder combination better? What about physical addons or accessories?

I absolutely have permission to record these so it's fine if it notifies the other party.
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The best-reviewed app for this is All Call Recorder Deluxe. It's three bucks but you can try the free version first and see if it does what you want it to (apparently it's not compatible with every android phone).
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You can do this if you use Google Voice.

Just make sure that setting is activated (from the web interface under Settings -> Calls -> Call Options). Then just press "4" during a call to begin recording. It will notify the other party. Then once complete it saves it to GV under "Recorded Calls"
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If none of the apps work and you need a physical solution, I use this when recording on a land line (coupled with a digital recorder). It's about $20 and a good recorder starts at about $50, so it may not be cost effective for you; just letting you know your options. If nothing else, it gives you the flexibility to record off of any phone, not just your cell.
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Google Voice allows recording of inbound calls only. If you ever want to record outbound calls, you'll need another solution.
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I can spend up to probably $100 on this, so suggestions that cost money are okay.

How does Google Voice store them and what are the privacy policies there? They own my life already, but these will be sensitive conversations and the other parties might have concerns about a third party having them.
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Do you need to use this on the go?

You could always put a splitter on the audio out of the phone, run one end into a recording device or computer's mic jack, and hook headphones up to the other end.

If you're always going to be in an office setting when you need to do this, the setup would be dirt cheap and functional. If you have to be able to do this while on the go, it would be conspicuous and clunky and probably not optimal.
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If you can't find a good app, I want to second the earpiece microphone that Terminal Verbosity linked to. I have used that earpiece before, and it is extremely successful in recording both sides of a conversation clearly.
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I record calls using I'm usually calling from a landline, but my interviewees often call in on mobile phones and I see no reason why it wouldn't work - it's a call-in service once you set up a free account.

You are assigned a number and your own PIN. You and the person you want to record both call that number at a designated time - no reservations needed. You can have just two people on the line or as many as 96 for up to 6 hours. To record, you enter a second pin. You can access the recording on site for quite some time, or you can download it in various formats. I'm not sure what quality you need, but I have found it excellent for interviews or client meetings.
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I used Record My Call when I had to record some interviews (from what I remember, records both outgoing and incoming). Super easy, and worked well. Think it was free when I got it.
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