Parking Spot for the Starship Enterprise?
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What is this long squiggly line in the parking lot of Candlestick Park?

This link should work, but if not: search on google maps for Candlestick Park, then zoom in until the imagery shows the field to be brown. Look to the right, in the parking lot: there's a long, squiggly line! I can't figure out what it might be/have been used for! Please help.
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Parking lots are also used for things like Sports Car Club of America rallies. That's a layout for a slalom/time trial course, one that can be set up the same each time for repeatability.

Edit: Here's a link to pictures of such an event, but no aerial shot showing the course in use from above.
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Car Control Clinic?
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Could also be used for motorcycle training courses.
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Yeah, some kind of course. Racing, training, testing, something.

It's a big parking lot. It really only gets used for parking at its assigned facility once or twice a week. Seems a shame to let it go to waste all of the rest of the time.
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Autocross or gymkhana.
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It's a chalked-in autocross course.
jinx thorzdad
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Yeah, if you zoom in you can see tire marks on the pavement , esp. closest to the stadium.
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Definitely autocross. Same thing at Miller Park in Milwaukee, where my husband has raced.
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Here's an aerial shot with more info.
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Wow! This is all really cool. I had no idea this was a thing.

Thanks, everyone.
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