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I've been looking for good blogs about running, lately. I've found a lot of shoe-review sites, and a few gear-review sites, but I'm interested in general motivational stories of people's training, race reports, that sort of thing. Google hasn't been very helpful, so I figured I'd ask Mefi. What blogs do you like to read about running?
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My favorites:
Ali on the Run - Marathoner with Crohn's disease.
Sweat Once A Day DC ultra runner looking for her first sub-3 marathon
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Here are the recommendations from the snarky commenters at Get Off My Internets--Running blogs. These are the blogs they like--you can search around for the ones to avoid, as well.
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You could read Caleb Daniloff's writing (he's a friend of mine, so I'm not unbiased).
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Here's a few I have heard good things about but not read: Frayed Laces, Run Eat Repeat, Losing Weight in the City. Healthy Tipping Point has a lot about running but also a lot about being a new mom.
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Seconding Ali on the Run and Sweat Once a Day. Adding:
Faster Bunny
Once Upon a Lime
Health on the Run
Meals and Miles - right now on a wedding/honeymoon kick, but generally lots of good writing about her training
Steve in a Speedo
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The Boring Runner for race reports, training details, and juvenile humor.

Science of Running for (rare but interesting) science-y updates. On the science of running front, Sweat Science is also excellent, and I very much enjoyed his book.
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Two of my faves:

Runner's Rambles
Twenty Six and Then Some

Also, it's not a blog, but I get a lot of the things you describe above (race reports, people's training, etc) via tracking my workouts & interacting with real-life friends as well as bloggers on Daily Mile.
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My 3 favorite running blogs are
Hungry Runner Girl
Skinny Runner
Run Eat Repeat
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BQ by 40
Not blogs, but you might like the semi-celebrities in Runners World's "I'm a Runner" series
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While I tend to read primarily food blogs, my friend recently started a running blog called Been There Run That which I keep up with and enjoy quite a lot. She's Connecticut-based. Her blog covers her experiences at various races, other fitness-related activities, and progress towards her fitness goals.
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Japan Running News
The Science of Sport
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Thanks, everyone.

You all gave great answers, but I've highlighted the ones I found I liked best.
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