Classic, quality watch under $1000?
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I want to buy my partner a watch. Where do I start?

My partner is a woman with generally masculine/androgynous style. I want to buy her a "nice" watch but I don't really know what that means. I was thinking something in white gold possibly. I think she'd like a very classic, clean design that would never go out of style. Something like this, but fancier, somehow.

I don't want to spend less than a couple hundred but I don't want to spend thousands either.

1. Is there a great men's or butch fashion blog that would talk about watches?
2. Any recommendation for watch brands in the, say, $200 - $1000 range?
3. What am I even looking for? I am most concerned about style/beauty, as if this is a piece of jewelry, though of course it must be of decent quality. I don't need any fancy features though. Trouble is, I have no idea how to look at a men's watch and tell if it's stylish and well designed the way I can tell about women's jewelry.

(My partner doesn't know anything about watches either, so unfortunately I can't just ask her.)

Thanks everyone for your help. I am totally lost here.
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Best answer: Poke around on the Poor Man's Watch Forum for good deals on less-expensive nice watches...
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I think the aesthetic of Movado's watches might appeal - the clean lines on their women's watches avoid some of the fragile looking or excessively frilly things I've seen on a lot of more femme looking women's watches.
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Second Movado. A lot of the designs strike me as timeless and elegant.
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In that price range, you might want to look at Hamilton.
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Best answer: When I was looking for watches for my husband, that Poor Man's Watch Forum was not only helpful but quite interesting.

Based on that, I was probably aiming for a Citizen, since Movado was a smidge more than I wanted to spend. Citizen was still up there, but I found some good deals online.

Do you know for a fact that she might like a watch? (Does she wear one, or has she said she'd want to?) You could start with something a little more everyday to see how she likes it. Skagen is known for its steel/gold mesh styles that are mostly a little lower than your price range, but looks quite classic. One thing I really like about them is that (for me at least) the mesh design kind of makes the men's watches a bit more versatile, such that I wouldn't mind wearing them myself even in more formal situations.

This is a slightly off-the-wall mention, but my husband wanted to be a Watch Guy, so he was very happy with the Skagen I bought him. Unfortunately, he turned out to be one of those people who... I don't know, have a little extra electrical current running through their body or something, such that any watch he wears shorts out. I've replaced batteries, had him wear different ones... no dice, which is why I didn't end up buying him a new one after all. Bummer.

So that's one reason why starting out with a nice but slightly more reasonable model, if she doesn't already wear one, might be a good idea.
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You can get more bang for your buck with a quartz watch, but there are some pretty nifty automatic watches at that price point.

Consider Stowa. Classic design. Minimalist.

There are too many to link to, but look online for the Seiko SARB. Seiko has watches at literally every price point there is and they are well respected and of good quality.
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There is a subreddit about watches in the form of /r/watches which may help you. They seem to be big fans of the Seiko Black Monster (which is under $300, I think), Citizen, and a few others. It should be a good place to get some ideas, and also to find reviews of watches you have your eye on.

Use caution, this is reddit. You might look up from reddit to find that it's tomorrow already.
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My husband bought me a really beautiful, classic watch from Victorionox.

I think he spent about $500 on it.

We are now looking for one for him there in the $1000 range.
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You're not going to get a gold watch in that price range -- are you thinking plated?

Tissot has some nice clean classic stuff.
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Here's the thing, watches are really personal. My mom gave me a Movado (got a good price on it at the PX in Okinawa or something) but I never wore it much. I had a Fauxlex and a Craptier and wore the heck out of them. Only after the junk died, have I started wearing the Movado.

It's fine, it's totally my Mom's taste. I would have liked a Cartier Tank Watch.

I think it might be fun to take your partner shopping for a watch. Good jewelry stores will set aside a tray of watches in your price range and you can go with her and let her select from the tray the watch she likes the most.
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Response by poster: I really like a lot of the Citizen watches - particularly the Firenza. Just what I was looking for. Thanks all!
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The watches I covet are the Stowa Antea and the NOMOS Tangente or Orion.
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Also, it sounds like you've found something you like, but the forums at are helpful (geared toward men, but sounds like your partner would be OK with something that was technically a man's watch).
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There are some butchey watches on watchismo, lots of really huge ones. Especially the Diesel and Nixon ones...
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