Freelance marketing from another city
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I'd like references and information for how a marketing consultant can leverage his location in a big city to help small retailers who are trying to enter the market.

I got a freelance marketing gig with a small company who's looking to take their retail business to another city.
They were relying on me to land a job in said city so I can meet with leasing managers and other important contacts on the pr / marketing side in the area while they stay in their homebase. But now, with my full-time job prospects becoming unclear, the company I'm working with is thinking about bringing me there themselves while I go and look for a full-time job.

I smell an opportunity here and I wonder if I can do the same thing for other businesses.
I'm looking for: other retail marketing consultants who offer the same thing in other areas so I can see what services they offer,
any books and resources that offer information for this specific niche and how it works, and
any anecdata from MeFites who might have been or are doing the same thing, and information on how you got started, how you marketed your services, pros and cons of the job, and so on.

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