Where can we our host our event in Chicago and San Fran?
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I'm frantically looking for a certain type of event venue in San Fran and Chicago. Please help! (Snowflakey details inside.)

I'm helping organize a series of national events, and Chicago and San Fran are weirdly the places that we're having trouble. My production team is on me to nail something down this week, but I'm basically at the end of my contacts.

The deets of the event:

- It's a national series of advocacy and community-building events in eight cities. We're gathering a lot of people from different organizations and will probably get good press, so potentially good exposure for the venue.

- The events are in mid-March. We're expecting between 150-300 people.

- The ideal venue would have a stage and a bar. A theater would work but we'd really prefer something more like a cabaret space, or a rock venue, or a big bar or gallery. In LA, we're talking to the King King. In NYC, Le Poisson Rouge. We also looked at the Public Assembly.

- Our budget is limited. The best case would be a deal wherein we get the space in exchange for the bar and a nominal door fee ($5-10), but we can also rally money for the perfect space.

Do you have ANY ideas? Really, anything, even something non-traditional. I'm happy to follow up with anyone or provide more details through Me-mail.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, guys.
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In Chicago, did you look into the Mayne Stage, Bottom Lounge, or City Winery? All are sizable venues with bars.
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Hideout Chicago should work. They often host fundraisers and other types of events.
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...or not. I guess their capacity is 150. I'll keep thinking.
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indieonthemove.com has info on venues for booking bands, including capacity. So, in Chicago:

Quenchers, 200. Stage in separate room, tons of great beers. I've been to a Green Party fundraiser there.

Schuba's, 325. Stage in separate room.

Martyr's, 270.

The Mexican Museum of Fine Art has a space to rent with a stage, but you'd have to hire a caterer for the booze.
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If you need venue information for specific locals, check wedding sites. The Knot, which I hate, lets you sort by city and venue capacity. Wedding boards will also have suggestions but a 400+ requirement is not that typical these days.
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Would either the Women's Building or Fort Mason work for you in SF? Sorry can't link on my phone at the moment, but both are easily found on the web.
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Response by poster: Yes, yes, thank you these are great. Please keep them coming!
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San Francisco: DNA Lounge or The Rickshaw Stop,
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Also in San Francisco you might try the Make-Out Room, El Rio or the Knockout. These are all bars with stages.
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Public Works in SF
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Verdi Club is lesser known (mostly does private events) but meets all of your criteria. Neither the Make-Out Room or the Knockout could hold anywhere near 150 and El Rio could barely manage that outside. This list doesn't look like it's been updated in a bit but might still be useful.
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Lincoln Hall is a nice space in Chicago and would hold you guys. The Dank Haus would work as well. I'm not sure how open these venues are to negotiating pricing.
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There are some good suggestions for San Francisco above, especially the Verdi Club, but just a tip: when negotiating, you may want to refrain from referring to the City as "San Fran".
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Another place to consider in San Francisco: Cafe du Nord/Swedish American Hall.
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One last thought: Slim's or the Great American Music Hall if you're lucky and move fast, maybe. They tend to book well in advance.
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Bimbo's in SF?
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Ooh, Bimbo's is a great idea! But it also is probably already booked through March. Worth checking, though.
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Chicago Spaces might be another good place to search for venues, if none of the earlier suggestions pan out.
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Response by poster: Hey all, I just wanted to say thanks for all the help. We pinned down venues in both cities! I seriously appreciate the efforts.
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