Best Educational Videos?
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Hi all, I am developing online educational videos (teaching ppl how to use software) and I would love to learn about any good examples that you have seen. I have definitely watched a bunch from Khan Academy, and love their style of short and engaging videos. Are there other examples you have seen that have been engaging and instructive? Many instructional videos that I have seen that have good content are boring and wouldn't hold someone's attention very long. Thank you for your help!
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I would start by searching some of the flipped learning videos on YouTube. I won't self link here, but I make instructional English videos (reading/writing process, some tech stuff) and can send you links if you want through memail.

But there are some amazing people WAY better than me in the flipped learning community who are making videos.

Also, the Crash Course videos are amazing.
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I recently signed up for an account at Digital Tutors, and have been liking it a lot. Nothing particularly interesting to them, just basic narrated tutorials, but for learning software that is really what I want.
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Check out Deke's Techniques, any of the courses by Ben Long and then maybe poke around at the other videos on Lots of great teachers with non-boring videos.
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