Any replacement for RJDJ?
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I recently found one of my favorite iPhone apps of all time RJDJ the reactive ambient sound generator and "world quantizer" was discontinued by the company and taken off iTunes. Damn! I never got a chance to put it on my new phone. Are there any other reactive music apps out there like it for iPhones?

Specifically I'd like to walk around and have the sounds of the world around me transformed into music, rather than simply have an app play me music based on motions or location.
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Have you tried the other still active apps on the company site? I tweeted at the creator (@dizzybanjo) and he replied "you might like or :) more soon!"

I have the Inception app and have not played with it much, but it's free for you to check out.
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Is it off App Store as far as downloads go, or just removed from purchase? Some applications that are no longer for sale are still accessible and downloadable in your Purchased tab.
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If you use iTunes, you should still have a copy on your computer that can be added to your new phone. And while i haven't looked in a while, there are management programs that will let you copy apps from your old phone to your computer.

If you are willing to go the jailbreak + appsync route, I'm sure there are copies out in the wild somewhere. But, as far as I know, there is no untethered jailbreak for IOS 6 as of yet.
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What Mikeh said. Go into the App Store on your phone, go to the "Updates" tab, scroll all the way to the top, and tap "Not on This Phone". Then scroll through the list (which may be very long and annoying). When you see the app you'll be able to download it.

I just tested this with the app, which was apparently been renamed "Trippy Replay" before being pulled from the store. I was able to download it and run it fine.
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Hmmm, thanks Mikeh. They seem to have removed it from there as well. Not anywhere to be found.

Krix: Thanks for asking for me!
Those other apps don't have the same functionality as the original (specifically the same great beautiful scenes designed by users and artists), plus there's the whole tie-in to a shitty movie thing that's turning me off. Also--no thanks gamification.

rtimmel: I downloaded it on an old computer, different version of iTunes.
And while i haven't looked in a while, there are management programs that will let you copy apps from your old phone to your computer.
This might work OK, but I can still use the old version of the app on my old phone which isn't broken yet, I just wanted an updated version with additional scenes. Plus it came out 4 years ago--there really aren't any improvements on the genre of reactive apps? Pretty sad commentary on the state of ios development eh?
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alms: Whoa that worked! And it has a bunch of new scenes! Total and complete ass kicking butt.

I still want new apps but this should keep me busy for a while.
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Don't let the movie tie-in on the Inception app turn you off too much. The name and terminology are pretty much the only tie-in as far as I can tell. I am completely addicted to that app; the reactive audio is excellent, and you an unlock the most of the "dreams" without too much craziness. I love the way it cycles between them as you listen, and it does really cool, haunting echoey things that just blow me away. I actually tried RjDj after the Inception, and it didn't impress me nearly as much.
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