Organic fungicide vs. powdery mildew?
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Gardeners of MeFi - have any of you used Safer Garden Fungicide or an equivalent product to effectively control powdery mildew in your garden? I want to believe it will work, but I'm skeptical.
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Sure, it works. The active ingredient is sulphur. Here is some good information on control.
Allowing more air circulation and sunlight into your garden also helps.
And water the bottom of your plants, rather than sprinkling from the top.
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I've had good luck spraying milk on plants with powdery mildew. Whole milk seemed to stick better than low fat milk, and it kept the powdery mildew under control. And yes, water from below, don't sprinkle or spray the plants when watering. Good luck!
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I came in here to recommend milk - 50% solution with's a *great* fungicide! I used it for years in my garden center(read: lots and lots of plants in close proximity), and never needed anything else :)
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