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I'm looking to delve into an intensive full-credit curriculum at a music school or conservatory this summer after wrapping up my sophomore year at a liberal arts school (at which I will be taking three music courses this coming semester).

I'm aware of Berklee's 12-week program (and do live near Boston, actually), so that's the obvious option. Can you, MeFites, tell me about other schools/programs that might also fit the bill? I'm a longtime pianist, predominantly jazz and rock, (finally) attempting to address the technical deficiencies in my playing. My ear is quite strong, which has enabled laziness around fluent sightreading. At least some performance-based instruction would be ideal, and I'd like to be in an engaging, culturally-vibrant city for the summer. Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: Many of the top music teachers who are on faculty at universities and conservatories don't teach at their home institutions over the summer, but focus on festivals. Lots of festivals offer very intensive coaching and lessons, but may not offer college credit. You may end up needing to decide whether it is more important to get top quality performance-based instruction OR college credit- it may be hard to get both.
Here are some lists of summer festivals - some of the university based ones may offer some college credit buy not a ton.
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Best answer: This is actually tough because most of the big summer programs, like the one's cushie is talking about, are extremely competitive and are really geared toward pretty much already professional musicians - places like Bowdoin, Aspen, Tanglewood, Banff, etc.

Since you say your into jazz and rock, Berklee might be your best fit, although I myself am dubious about the quality of instruction you might get there.

If you're looking really to just improve your technique, I think the best thing you can do is to find a teacher or continue with your current teacher and simply practice for 8 hours a day all summer.
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