Get well gift for family?
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I want to send a get-well gift to a friend whose baby had surgery. I'm thinking flowers for her, but also a little gift for the baby and a bonus gift for their older child. Where could I order this online all in one package/delivery? Not sure if they allow sweets for the older child, so should not be candy focused.
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If you are wanting flowers and other gifts to be delivered at the same time you won't be able to use your normal Amazon and similar companies. Your best bet is a local florist who will offer gift baskets and can add pretty much anything you want to the order.

The florist will charge a fee but they can pick up whatever gift is appropriate for the age of the older daughter and some sort of stuffed animal or similar for the baby.
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1800 Flowers has all kinds of stuff like this, you'd just need to make sure that you specified delivery of the items together.

I love this turtle night light. But they have smaller teddy bears and stuff too.
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I've had issues with 1-800-Flowers in the past when they use a local florist. Something seems to get lost in the translation and I've had multiple orders in different cities/states just canceled and I was not notified. If you want to go local, use local florists directly. If you use 1-800 just make sure you are ordering directly from them and it ships via UPS or fedex.

That said, very thoughtful on the older child gift. Maybe something that can keep her occupied while her parents are immersed with the baby's health, like a book or craft/game/puzzle. I might actually just drop by a local florist with the gifts you've already picked up and ask them to wrap and deliver as one set.
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