Help me find this officer's uniform from the 1955 movie "French Cancan"?
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There's a character in the 1955 movie "French Cancan" who wears a very fancy uniform. He wears a light blue double-breasted jacket with white braid and bright red pants with stripes on the sides. I think it is some kind of old fashioned military dress uniform. You can see the outfit 0.26 seconds into the trailer (warning:there are 26 seconds of cancan dancing first). My question is: (1) What sort of uniform was this? Or is it just a costume they made up for the movie? (2) Where/how could a modern person most affordably get a similar outfit of sufficiently good quality to wear around town at fancy occasions that are not Halloween?
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I am in no way an expert, but maybe Uniforms of the French Hussars: 1804 - 1813.

I cannot help with your second question.
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Ah, yes. That is very close but none of them are wearing the red pants. thank you.
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Here's one with red pants. It's for sale but not exactly cheap though (4000 €)...
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You might try looking for a marching band uniform.
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It looks like a French Officer's uniform of the Third Republic. This approximately fits the time-scale civilian formalwear in the rest of the movie.

Unfortunately this isn't really a period of time that people are super interested in re-enacting.
The Napoleonic wars are (but are much earlier, with correspondingly flashy uniforms), and so people sell replica uniforms. The bad news is that that stuff isn't cheap:

For example:
Empire Costume
A Stitch In Time
19th Century Tailoring

It may be cheapest to contact a costumer or tailor to see if they'll make you one.
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French Cancan is set in the 1890s; Here are photos of the French Hussars in the 3rd republic. Here's some color stuff. Key term seems to be "Hussar Jacket".
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Or, rather, "Dolman", since the Hussar isn't wearing a Pelisse.
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And since you're in Indiana, it seems like this guy might be able to make you one, as might other people who make reenactment costumes.
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Wow, used marching band uniforms are pretty great and about a hundred times cheaper than historical reproductions. I guess that is the way to go for budget-friendly fancy uniforms. Nevertheless I'm very very happy to know that this was a historically accurate outfit.
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