20 gb Google Tablet
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What exactly is this: 10.1" 20GB Google Android 4.0 Tablet with Carrying Case


• 1.2GHz processor • 20GB memory • 1GB DDR3 RAM • Google Android 4.0 • Support 720P and 1080P HDMI output • High resolution pixels display • 10.1" super slim 16:9 panel • Built-in WiFi • Various applications pre-installed • Bonus case included

I have a Google Nexus 7 and was thinking of getting a 10. Is the above a knock-off of some sort? It does say "Google", perhaps illegally. 20 gb (not 16 or 32) strikes me as strange and the price is less than 1/2 of Google Nexus 10.
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My suspicion is that the Google refers to the Android operating system and the hardware is non-Google-made and given the price probably not great quality.
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It means it's running Google Android, not that it's actually made by Google.

All current Google hardware runs Android 4.2, this is running Android 4.0. It's a cheap tablet, probably based on the Allwinner ARM SOC.

It'll be slow & the the display probably won't be great, but what do you expect for $145?
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I don't know what it is, but whatever it is, I wouldn't buy it. It's almost certainly a ripoff; the 20gb seems very (very) odd and the bottom view raises my eyebrow incredibly fast: There appears to be an Ethernet or phone jack on it. I'd also be very suspicious of the lack of an actual resolution number - just "high resolution pixels display."

There are lots of Android tablets out there, and I'd assume this is just yet another cheap cruddy one. The Nexus 10 is a fine tablet, but this isn't one, and if you want a 10, this cheapo is very unlikely to make you happy.
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This is most certainly a knock-off Android tablet. 20Gb storage (which is quite strange) and the Apple-style home button are total giveaways. The Ethernet port is a nice touch too. I think the mention of "Google" refers to Android, rather than the tablet.

Generally, when these deals look too good to be true, they are. Not to say that this isn't a real product, but that this product will far underperform any tablet made by a real manufacturer.
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Cheap Chinese knock-off. Probably very low build quality. Also, beware the "Various applications pre-installed" bullet-point.
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There are tons of cheap no-name Android tablets on the market. They can be had for as low as $50; Amazon has a bunch of them, and they have reviews. Things to look for:
  • "capacitive touchscreen". Old tablets may use a resistive touchscreen, which is bad.
  • Explicitly stated screen resolution. 7" cheap tablets will likely have 800x480, 10" cheap tablets will have 1024x600. If you can find a cheap tablet with 1280x800 or better, that's very good.
  • MicroSDHC card slot (i.e., expandable storage)
  • dual-core processor

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Thanks, you've all confirmed my suspicions.
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It is probably this tablet. also sold on Amazon. There might be a 16gb card included, and the "ethernet port" is probably an rj16 port for charging.

The specs are not all that good for the price, you can get much better deals (e.g. dual core, higher resolution, lower price) if you're willing to order directly from China using one of the stores on aliexpress.com.
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FWIW, Ripoffrepot.com has 125 reports on this company, mostly in the last 6 months, Also a quick Google search yielded a large number of complaints. Whether this is a good deal or not (and I seriously doubt it is), the sheer number of reports is very high.

I would not go near this company for anything.
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