Large scale Land Art in Europe
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Do you know of any interesting examples of Land Art in Europe?

I've been interested in Land Art for many years, but know little of what's been done in Europe, apart from Gormley and Northumberlandia. Has anyone seen or heard of any great, interesting or unusual examples?
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I don't know that this would qualify as land art, but it's certainly unusual - Sedlec Ossuary ("the bone church") in Czech Republic?
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Best answer: Lucien den Arend has created some land art in the Netherlands. There is also Robert Smithson's Broken Circle/Spiral Hill near Emmen and Marinus Boezem's De Groene Kathedraal ("the green cathedral") near Almere. Land Art Contemporary is a good source of other works in the Netherlands.
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Here's a bunch of British hill figures, including the Cerne Abbas giant.
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Best answer: In Poland, they have this festival. Jarosław Koziara made fish in 2011, 2012 they installed those spider nets, among other installations.
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Response by poster: Thank you for those suggestions, theNL Land Art site and Polish festivals are exactly the sort of stuff I was looking for, I would love more examples from Europe.

The Ossuary and Cerne Abbas are great examples of the history of the genre, many thanks.
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In a less grand scale, there's Arte Sella in northern Italy. It's an amazing park.
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Response by poster: That's great, reminds me of Grizedale Forest in the UK
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Best answer: I'm ashamed to say I've seen none of these, but they're all pretty close to me, and on my to-do list:

John Boyle’s giant 1976 play sculpture, Gulliver, just about survives in Craigmillar, Edinburgh.

There are hopes of restoring the Great Polish Map of Scotland in the Scottish Borders, which was listed a few months ago.

More contemporary is another sculpture park, Jupiter Artland, just west of Edinburgh.
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Not quite the same kind of art as the White Horse or others, but the Parco dei Mostri in Bomarzo, Italy, is perhaps worth a look.
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Best answer: I don't know if Theo Jansen's Strandbeestjes are what you're after, but I went and visited him at his workshop. He was a very nice man and the art is unbelievable.
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The Gori Collection in Pistoia, Italy is pretty amazing. I spent a long day there viewing the collection a few years ago. The work tends towards site-specific art, but there are some works that would be considered land art.
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Northala Fields in west London
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I came across this recently: The Giant Land Art of Sylvain Meyer
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Nimis, at Kullen
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Response by poster: Thank you for even more really interesting stuff.
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Best answer: Check out the french festival Horizons Art & Nature - they did very cool stuff. Like those bubbles, yarn on sticks, and floating stones in 2009, this wood-metal sculpture in 2011 or this ship-shaped house and the ironic duplication of a church in 2012 - among many others.

Here's a guide on Land Art in Finland.

A few more names/works worth checking out: Michael McGillis, Andy Goldsworthy, the giant hand knit rabbit in Italy.

Depending on what you are after, you might also find some interesting stuff digging through this blog - a self proclaimed "place for archiving, researching and transmitting Land Art".
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Response by poster: Thank you all. I was inspired enough to write about one of the suggestions, the Great Polish Map of Scotland
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