How to use up peanut butter?
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I have a bunch of peanut butter that I need to use up, but I'm running out of ideas. I would particularly appreciate recipe ideas that I can use in meals, though all I can ever really think of is perhaps Thai-style chicken/noodles, or PB&J sandwiches, or fruit with peanut butter dip. I know there's also stuff like peanut butter cookies and other baking goodies, but I'm trying to avoid sugar-bombing my diet too badly. Please help me with ideas!
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Peanut butter and sticks of celery are delicious. Hopefully they might cancel each other out :]
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you can use it as part of these meatballs. Or this turkey version that uses pb as a sauce.

And there are several savory recipes in this intriguing list that could be fun to try.
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Goes great on an english muffin, bagel, or toast for breakfast. (Toast all of the above, whenever possible.) Don't overdo the peanut butter-- I always wonder why the bagel shops I've been to give me half an inch of PB on each bagel half.

In addition to apples and bananas, PB goes great with celery: dip, or else fill up the channel in the celery with PB. Add raisins to make the classic girl-scouts snack (as reported by my sister) "Ants on a Log."

This next one sounds weird, but you gotta try this: Peanut butter on your burger. Put it on a burger in place of cheese, and put about the same amount that you would have put cheese. Make sure it's warmed up so it doesn't add a cold note to the bite. I understand your skepticism. I was you once. Take a bite, and there's no need to thank me.

Sandwich: Apple slices, bacon, PB, on rye toast. I would name my firstborn after the inventor of that sandwich. PB's great with bacon.

Peanut Soup! Peanut Butter smoothies!

And one sweet thing: Peanut Butter Fudge, a super-easy recipe, and probably the only microwave recipe from "Good Eats."
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Use it to make satay sauce for eating with grilled skewers of meat (either as a marinade, and/or a drizzling/dipping sauce). Google for recipes. Pretty sure you could freeze this, too.
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I really like this sort of stew that usually has pineapple, peanut butter or powdered peanuts, and kale as ingredients and is claimed to be of African origin. Other recipes from various regions of Africa will also contain peanuts.
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This stew is also delicious, and freezes well.
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Hot dog bun + banana + PB = Awesome quick meal.
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There are a whole set of asian noodle and chicken salads with peanut dressing like this one.

I've also enjoyed soups with peanut butter like this one (that is sweet potato but I think I've mainly made tomato with peanut).

Just some slightly more unusual ones!
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I use peanut butter (instead of peanuts) in stir fry, works well..
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It's awesome to stir a spoonful into tomato soup, too.
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I never heard of having to use up peanut butter. The manufacturers say its good for 18 months at room temperature. Or you can freeze it. But here is a brazilian peanut stew.
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I have only just discovered the joys of peanut butter. Though I found it a bit cloying and felt like it needed something else to lift it. I discovered that it tastes great when mixed with ginger conserve then simply spread on toast.
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You could expand your sandwich options slightly. I like PB and banana. Or depending how committed to the healthy thing you are, you could go for an Elvis sandwich. or get some ideas off the Peanut Butter & Co menu.
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Stir fry broccoli and bite-size chunks of turkey smoked sausage in a little oil. At the end of cooking add bottled sezchuan sauce and a big blob of peanut butter and stir everything around to coat it in the sauce. Yummy!
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Get some birdseed, a pinecone, some string, and make a bird feeder! A classic childhood project.
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Gado-gado is delicious.
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Put it in chili, oatmeal, yogurt smoothies.
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If there's no added sugar, you can use it in a pinch as a replacement for sesame paste.

Use it in salad dressings; just a dab.
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Peanut Butter Baked Oatmeal - I bake this in muffin tins for a quick breakfast. They freeze nicely, and I recommend adding blueberries.

Kale Salad with Peanut Dressing
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Stir a spoonful into a cup of coffee or hot cocoa (especially the latter).

So good.
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You can put it in pancakes or muffins which aren't necessarily very sweet.

Stir it into chicken noodle soup, too.
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Do you have a dog? These home-made dog cookies are very easy, use quite a lot of peanut butter, and save you a bunch of money vs. storebought. Also, tasty.
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This peanut sauce recipe is super easy and freaking delicious. I like using it on any combination of nutty orange squashy vegetables (carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut squash) and bitter greens (brussel sprouts, kale, broccoli, etc.) Forgo the chickpeas, and use pasta, especially soba, instead of rice. Can also be used as a tasty vegetable dip. Go easy on the garlic or you'll be dreading seconds.
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Swap the sugar for something like Splenda in this recipe, and you can cookie without sugarbombing. (Warning: end results are a little drier than their counterparts...but nice with a dunking beverage.)
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One of Alton Brown's hummus recipes calls for peanut butter rather than tahini, and is quite tasty.
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Peanut butter banana "ice cream"! I wish I didn't know about this because I can't seem to stop eating it. Slice up ripe bananas and freeze, then whiz them in the food processor, along with a nice whop of peanut butter, and it will magically become a delicious, sugar-free, smooth and creamy ice cream. You can make any flavor you can dream up, but peanut butter is most problematic for me.
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Maafe or groundnut / peanut soup, both from Central and West Africa. There are many variations depending on region, and I don't have a recipe for the soup I make, but the one linked is pretty similar except I don't use black eyed peas, and I add cayenne. The black eye pea variation looks good, though. If you make a ton of soup, you can always freeze some for later.
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I was also going to ask if you have a dog. Most dogs love a spoonful of peanut butter as a treat (and it is entertaining to watch them eat it).
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Peanut butter and plain yogurt, makes a good snack. Ants on a log.
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Grab a can of crescent rolls. Lay triangles out, put a dollop of peanut butter on the large part, and roll up. Bake as per directions on the can. Works great with Nutella too, or both together.
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Mix up some peanut butter with shredded coconut - I use unsweetened, but sweetened would be good too. You can nuke it a bit to get it to mix better, and eat it just like that, or add the mix to plain yogurt, or flavored yogurt too, if you don't mind the sugar.
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Three words: peanut butter sauce. Microwave it into a melty sauce and put on ice cream... or anything. I also like making "muddy buddy mix" - it's basically like a candy snack, but not a baked good at least.
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Eat it straight!

Seconding putting it in oats.

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