Help me find this covered chaise lounge set up
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When we were honeymooning in Maui, my husband and I spent some time on the beach in these covered chaise lounges that are rented out in front of the resorts. We loved it, especially because my husband burns easily. I'd like to get something like this for my back yard but the only ones I've found so far are giant daybeds with huge covers that are $2000. What we used was basically two chaise lounge seats on a box platform with a cover like a collapsible awning that basically stayed in place with the help of two ropes. I'm not quite sure what these are called or what to look for. Is it something to try to make myself? I'm not handy but I live in the LA area and would hire someone if I could find the plans for one. I can't find any more pictures than the ones linked to, it would help to know what they're called. THANKS! (Dreaming of warmer weather!)
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Shade USA has some good options.
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Fiberbuilt Beach Cabana is what it appears to be.

You can also just get the awning part of it at Wallmart, if you're okay with that. Apparently it is made to fit two regular beach chairs.
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Ah, here it is on amazon. Still expensive but definitely not $2000.
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The Grand Wailea's web site refers to them as casabella chairs. "A casabella is a two-teak lounge chair with a pullover canopy providing shade and privacy."

Maui Revealed says the Four Seasons uses them too. It may be a specialty item that only high end resorts have and order in bulk--maybe call and ask?
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You might have luck searching for chaise longue. This is the nicest I found, but no price.
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It's a good idea to keep an eye on Ebay, especially at this time of year and toward Spring when people are clearing out their garages (you can sort by Distance: Nearest first to find "collection only" items for sale).
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Not the same but much cheaper at $299 and still looks nice
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