Tips to get orange pop stains out of carpet?
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Anyone know a good way to get orange pop stains out of carpet?

We had some people stay at our house over the summer while we were gone, and came back to discover orange pop stains around the house. Does anyone have any tricks they can give to get it out?
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Well, I've had no experience with orange pop but I have gotten coffee stains and other strange stains out of a light colored carpet with supermarket-purchased carpet stain removers. They're very toxic and smell like hell, so make sure you ventilate, but I think Woolite makes one that works great on a variety of carpet stains.
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This formula is incredibly useful. I used it once to great effect after spilling a full glass of red wine on my brother-in-laws white carpet.

Basically, mix hydrogen peroxide and Dawn dishwashing liquid (There seems to be some debate as to whether it needs to be specifically Dawn. But that's what I used and it worked!)

Rub into stain and rinse with water.
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I got red wine out of a beige carpet extremely suprisingly eaisly with Citra-Solv, on the advice that natural stains are most effectively removed with natural products. Not sure if orange soda qualifies as "natural," though...

In any event, it's slightly less toxic than most other carpet cleaners.
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jeremias, the reason people recommend Dawn for these sorts of things as opposed to say Palmolive or any other soap, is that Dawn is a mild non-detergent soap (that is, ionic). It also doesn't have a lot of extra additives like scents or skin care ointments. Pure, cheap, readily available. The Ivory liquid soaps are the same, but usually a bit more expensive.
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yep - remarkable as it sounds, the Dawn formula worked for me too: on carpet stains that were there when I moved in, so god knows how long they'd been there.

With a name like northernsoul though, I'm thinking the poster might be in the UK - I wonder what an equivalent to Dawn is over there?
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no, im in north america. im a big verve fan.
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When my mom got her carpet professionally steamed, it brought up a huge red stain that they couldn't get out. When she ran out of options, she when for the oxy-clean, and it actually worked. Nevermind that As-Seen-On-TV stigma, that stuff does work.
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Resolve works.
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