How best to access (possibly outmoded) Complete New Yorker DVD set?
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I have a Complete New Yorker DVD set. My current Mac OS (10.7.5) doesn't support it any longer. ("PowerPC applications are no longer supported.") Is there a way to download individual issues on my ipad? (I know that, theoretically, I could go back and look at old issues via the New Yorker app, although it isn't clear how far back the electronic archive goes.) Or is there a way to view this stuff on my current Mac?
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Was your current Mac once able to run Snow Leopard (10.6)? If so, you could look into running it on your now-10.7.5 Mac within a virtualized setting with Parallels. Within a 10.6 environment, you can run Rosetta and therefore run PPC apps like the New Yorker DVD viewer app.
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PearPC? I've never used it myself, though, so I can't report on the efficacy of it.
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Three people bought me that DVD set.

I'm pretty sure the electronic archive is complete.
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According to this post from Boing Boing which directs one to this set of instructions, it's possible to extract the files from the DVD set. If you were to do that, you might be able to figure out a way to browse them with an alternate database-reading app, as they are stored in an SQLite database. Lots and lots of Mac apps use SQLite to store their data (it's pretty standard), so it seems somewhat feasible.
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Sadly, it seems that instructions page Boing Boing linked to is no longer live...
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Apparently there is some sort of update CD. Given that they mention Win Vista, it must be a bit more current than the original. (both

The Complete New Yorker: FAQ: Update DVD 1.1

And some sort of page for notifications of updates.

Complete New Yorker Contact Sign Up
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There's a Wayback Machine version of those extraction instructions, although it looks to be a bit of a pain to deal with and certainly not a straightforward solution.
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The few times I've needed to contact TNY help they've been really helpful and respond to email very quickly. Good luck!
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The issues are DRM-encumbered .djvu files, viewable only by the New Yorker software.
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This comment sounds smart--if in fact there are PDFs in there:
"Chances are very, very, very high that the only thing that has actually stopped working on that disk is a player program (ported badly from Windows, no doubt) that "played" the PDF files for you.

A dig around that disc is VERY likely to reveal the PDFs themselves, which can be copied over and read on Preview or many other programs."

There's a Djvu Viewer that I can attest runs on Mountain Lion at - if that's any help.

(Am trying to decide whether to buy this thing.)
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